Who Are You Anyway? – Submit Your Selfie!


Pope Francis poses for a selfie.

Nearly anyone with a cell phone can attest to having a collection of selfies. Selfies of that new haircut, from that great party, beside that celebrity last summer. Even Pope Francis poses for selfies. Remember Ellen’s famous Oscar selfie? It became the most retweeted image of all-time.

Now, you can bring your selfie beyond your cell phone or social media feeds into the world of art!

Submit a selfie that says something interesting about you to ArtSpring by February 1, 2015 for a special art project to be curated by four young local media-arts students. There is no cost to enter and there are prizes to be won!

The curators will select a number of selfie submissions and shape the pieces into a gallery presentation to be exhibited in late March.

Email your selfie to whoareyouanyway@artspring.ca. Please send as high a resolution image as your technology allows and also include your name, your e-mail address, and phone number.

For more information visit http://artspring.ca/who-are-you-anyway/.

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