News from Treasure Fair

Treasure Fair is coming soon — July 18-20. Here’s a reminder from Charlotte Priest, our new coordinator, on what to expect:

When I was a teenager my mother and I would sometimes sit down with a cup of tea after a long day and watch the Antiques Roadshow. It was an odd interest for a teenager but I found it soothing. We delighted in watching people’s surprised expressions when they were told the value of their treasures. It was something I would never admit to my peers at the time, of course, though I find myself chuckling at how life comes full circle sometimes. Here I am delighting in the donated items that are beginning to come through the doors of ArtSpring!

Treasure Fair preparations are well underway. It is a little like Santa’s workshop. Our busy Treasure Fair elves are happily acquiring items and experiences to entice you. With hundreds of volunteers, this 19th annual event could not happen without the tireless dedication of so many. Treasure Fair raises $54,000; much needed funds that support this community’s use of ArtSpring with its theatre, gallery, and lobby. We could not do this without you. Treasure Fair will be held on July 18th, 19th and 20th. Three days of silent auction followed by the live auction (not to be missed!) at 6pm on July 20th. This year’s live auctioneer is Walter Stewart, our Board President. Food and drink will be served but keep your eyes on the treasures as they tend to go fast! Treasures in all shapes and sizes: fine china, antique garden pots, statues, gifts certificates from local businesses and trips abroad… all this and more! Spring cleaning yourself? Why not consider donating to Treasure Fair? Inquiries can be sent to me at

Mark your calendars for July 18th, 19th and 20th. We’ll look forward to seeing you at ArtSpring!