Tiefenbach/Kortgaard Gallery Cabaret

tiefenbach.phpPeter Tiefenbach and Robert Kortgaard will be playing four-hand piano music in ArtSpring’s final Gallery Cabaret performance on Thursday, March 21. I asked them what the audience can expect. Here is what they told me:

“The repertoire will suit classical music lovers, certainly, but will also appeal to those who expect something on the light side… and kids, too. Almost all of it was written for home entertainment so is really parlour music from different eras.

“All the works have a story attached to them… either about the composer or the programmatic nature of individual movements… like the “Mother Goose Suite” of Ravel or the “In Stormy Times” of Dvorak. So it’s all excellent music that doesn’t play down to real music lovers and at the same time will entertain everyone on some level…. much as it was all meant to do when written. We present things pretty casually… won’t bother us if there are some kids there enjoying themselves.”

Tickets are only $10 and the show starts at 7:30.

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