Lobby Art Auction

ArtSpring Lobby Art
The Lobby Art Auction is a series of four fantastic pieces of art created by acclaimed artists sold through a sealed bid auction, one piece at a time, throughout the 2017/18 Season at ArtSpring.

Bids are open October 15 through December 21, 2017
P.S. Gordon
, The Captain’s All Vegged Out
43″ X 36.5″ hand-pulled serigraph printed on paper, framed.
Value $2,500, Starting Bid $500
Generously donated by Sue Hicks
Please note: each piece will have a reserve bid

P.S.Gordon is known for creating unusual situations that combine animate and inanimate objects with a narrative all their own. Rich, bold color and dramatic composition rendered in exquisite detail characterize his work. His images are so realistic that you can imagine reaching into one of his paintings and picking up the objects. His painstaking attention to the tiniest detail of a still-life is unsurpassed and this piece exemplifies these qualities.

Gordon was born in Oklahoma in 1953 and is an acclaimed artist whose work has been exhibited across the country and is included in both museum and private collections alike. His work is also featured in numerous books. Among his distinctions is the 1992-93 Season Poster for the Metropolitan Opera Company in New York.

Bids are open January 5 through February 18, 2018
Martine Gourbault
, Jug with Flowers
31.5″ X 28″ pastel, framed.
Value $850, Starting Bid $250
Generously donated by Gillean Proctor
Please note: each piece will have a reserve bid

 Martine Gourbault was born in Paris and has enjoyed a successful career as an artist in Toronto, New York and London. Her artistic activities have varied from magazine design and illustration to children’s book illustration, painting and more recently, doll making.

She moved to Vancouver in 1997 and began her association with Kids Can Press for whom she has to date illustrated seven books, including the Dragon Safety series. Martine is also interested in pursuing her more personal work which she has shown in a number of galleries in British Columbia and Alberta.


Bids are open February 19 through March 31, 2018
Deborah Tilby, Early Snow
34″ X 28″ oil, framed.
Value $2,900, Starting Bid $500
Generously donated by a happy supporter
Please note: each piece will have a reserve bid

Tilby is a Canadian studio and plein air painter who began her career as a water-colourist, concentrating on European street scenes. She now lives on the west coast of Canada and works primarily in oil on canvas. She still paints streets and buildings but also explores local landscapes including beaches and marine scenes. This piece typifies a west coast snowfall – heavy and wet, limiting the palette to dark neutrals

She is recognized as one of the top oil and watercolour painters in the country. She is a signature member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and a member of the Oil Painters of America. Her work has won numerous international awards and is sought after by collectors all over North America and Europe.

Bids are open April 2 through May 24, 2018
Lorraine Sullivan, The Guitar Player
23.5″ X 27.5″ acrylic, framed.
Value $1,500, Starting Bid $250
Generously donated by Heather J Laing
Please note: each piece will have a reserve bid

This lovely acrylic painting by Lorraine M. Sullivan evokes both the beauty of the setting and the atmosphere in which the young lady produces music for her own enjoyment. The colours are rich; the details of the picture both defined and merely suggested.

Ms Sullivan was born in Sechelt, BC, and worked for several years as a graphic artist, doing primarily layout, design & commercial illustration. In 1980, she moved to Salt Spring Island and it was here that she began to develop her skills in fine art. This painting is from that period.



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How does the Auction work?
• Fill out a bid slip and place it in the secure box near the art in the upper lobby. You may enter more than one bid as the auction progresses
• Note the auction closing date on the sign attached to the display
• Your bid is an agreement to purchase the art at the amount of your bid (plus shipping, if applicable)
• If you are the highest bidder, we will contact you to arrange payment and pickup
• Should ArtSpring be unable to reach the highest bidder after a week, we will accept the second highest bid
• Please note: each piece will have a reserve bid

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