ArtSpring Lobby Art
The Lobby Art Auction is a series of four fantastic pieces of art created by acclaimed artists sold one piece at a time, throughout the 2018-19 Season at ArtSpring.

October 23 – November 30   “Christmas Night” by LeRoy Jensen
December 3 – February 16   The Oriental Screen
February 18 – April 21  “Salt Spring Anchorage” by George Bates
April 1 – June 4  “The Fish” Soapstone Sculpture; Garry Thurber

October 6 – November 30
“Christmas Night” by LeRoy Jensen

This piece, titled “Christmas Night”, exemplifies LeRoy Jensen’s ability to portray traditional and modern elements simultaneously. He was raised in China and Japan and studied art in both Copenhagen and Paris, which, in part, explains the variety of components that are prevalent in his work. His technique usually began with a sketch that became the foundation for thick layers of paint in contrasting colours that built up to enhance the image and deepen the viewer’ssensibility to the artist’s subject. Jensen (1927 – 2005) moved to Vancouver in 1954 where he worked and taught until moving to Salt Spring Island in 1982. In addition to his artistic achievements, he was a teacher and mentor to countless artists and was also an environmental activist – a founding member of Greenpeace.

“Christmas Night” measures 23″ X 29″.
It has been valued at $3800
Minimum starting bid: $1500
Generously donated by Audrey Wild

December 3 – February 28
The Oriental Screen

This lovely folding screen is beautiful on both sides. One side is lacquered & highlighted with gold on which the geese are in relief and the reverse is black lacquer with inset designs of bamboo & birds. The designs are textured with a combination of carving and layered paint. It stands an imposing 6′ high and is 8′ wide if spread flat against a wall – nearer 6′ wide if folded. The feet have brass caps. Each panel measures 16″ wide.

It has been valued at $4000
Minimum starting bid: $800
Generously donated by Karen and Fred Martin

March 1 – April 21
“Salt Spring Anchorage” by George Bates

George W. Bates (1930 – 2009) was born in London, England. He came to North America in 1954, living in Toronto and Los Angeles before settling in Vancouver in 1956. His approach to painting draws from both the realist and impressionist traditions and he is perhaps best known for his expertise in painting marine scenes. “For me, the waterfront of Vancouver and the coastline of the Pacific, offer an infinite variety of subjects and atmosphere enough to challenge any artist.” This piece, titled “Salt Spring Anchorage” is typical of Bates’ work – a simplified version of reality; at once a perfect image of the scene but also an idealized impression of it.

“Salt Spring Anchorage” measures 22″ X 28″.
It has been valued at $3950
Minimum starting bid: $650
Generously donated by Jacquie A. Stevulak

April 1 – June 4
“The Fish” Soapstone Sculpture

This is a beautiful soapstone sculpture of a fish by Canadian artist Garry Thurber. Thurber was a self-taught artist, sculptor, and writer whose work has been shown in numerous juried shows and galleries worldwide. He lived and worked on Vancouver Island for many years before moving to Salt Spring Island in 1987 where he enjoyed the rural lifestyle, scenery, and availability of materials for his art. Eventually, he returned to Saskatchewan where he continued to sculpt and teach until his death in 2014.

The piece has been valued at $2500
Minimum starting bid: $500
Generously donated by Carla Kamhoot


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How does the Auction work?
• Fill out a bid slip and place it in the secure box near the art in the upper lobby. You may enter more than one bid as the auction progresses
• Note the auction closing date on the sign attached to the display
• Your bid is an agreement to purchase the art at the amount of your bid (plus shipping, if applicable)
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• Should ArtSpring be unable to reach the highest bidder after a week, we will accept the second highest bid
• Please note: each piece will have a reserve bid

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