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Dear Friends,

Often one thing leads to another and you find something you never knew about. I was looking up the music of Chilliwack which of course led to Bill Henderson and a series of great videos called Behind the Vinyl. In one of the videos Bill talks about an early recording of I Believe ….I just LOVE that song! That then led me to check out UHF, another ensemble that Bill participated in. Shari Ulrich was a member of that trio and in the section below I’ve included a beautiful recording she did this past August. The musicians just look like they are having the best time. I then found a fab video of UHF with Shari Ulrich, Bill Henderson, and Roy Forbes Lifting My Heart. I hope it will lift your heart.


The BC Provincial Health Order of November 19 has been extended and will be kept in place until further notice based on direction from the PHO. Unfortunately this means that ArtSpring will be closed to the public for the time being. Our Makana Youth Choir is able to continue under the current order.

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Interesting Articles


Bill Henderson – Behind The Vinyl

I bumped into this series of YouTube videos by happy accident. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did. I like the comment at the end of Bill’s webpage: We did it together. It was hard work. It makes me think of our own work here at ArtSpring, thanks for being part of it.

Shari Ulrich – Rocky Shores

Shari said in the description of this video that: the song was sparked by the line “I know you’re thinking that the grass is greener / I can tell you it just looks that way in the spring.” That is so often the case isn’t it? What would it look like if we just stuck around and really lived where we are? Recorded in Monarch Studios Vancouver, BC.

UHF – Lifting My Heart

This video of UHF (Ulrich, Henderson, and Forbes) was shot in 1994 by James O’Mara in support of the album UHF II. It was shot on Bowen Island on a hot summer day. The tune was written by Roy Forbes.


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