ArtSpring Patrons’ Survey – June 2020

Thank you to everyone who completed our first survey. Your responses were key in helping to formulate our safe re-opening plan. Please see the results of the survey below.

Based on your answers, this is how ArtSpring is responding:


1)  How many performances have you attended at ArtSpring in the last year?

Over 90% of respondents had attended 2+ shows in the last year.

ArtSpring response: The survey was intended to reach our patrons and find out how they were feeling.


2)  How important are the performing arts to you in a post-COVID-19 environment? 

78% felt arts were of high/very high importance.

ArtSpring response: We realize that there is still support and a desire in the community for performing arts during these unprecedented times.


3)  How worried are you about attending performances at ArtSpring because of COVID-19? 

35% had a lot/great deal of worry about attending performances, and 37% a moderate amount.

ArtSpring response: We are putting strict measures in place in order to help our audiences feel comfortable. ArtSpring is following all guidelines from the Provincial Health Officer, WorkSafeBC, and ActSafeBC.


4)  How often have you felt these emotions in the past week?  

Over 40% feeling stresses or anxious every once in a while.

ArtSpring response: We are putting strict measures in place in order to help our audiences feel comfortable. We realize this is a stressful time for many people.


5)  Are you currently experiencing financial worries or hardship that would prevent you from purchasing tickets to future live events?

86% not currently experiencing financial difficulties or hardship.

ArtSpring response: We are extremely fortunate that the cultural sector might not be as affected on Salt Spring Island as other communities, due to patron demographics. We also realize that many are suffering during the current pandemic.


6)  When will you feel comfortable enough to attend a performance at ArtSpring? 

48% would be comfortable attending a performance at ArtSpring depending on: public health measures/increased safety protocols

ArtSpring response: We are putting strict measures in place in order to help our audiences feel comfortable. ArtSpring is following all guidelines from the Provincial Health Officer, WorkSafeBC, and ActSafeBC. We have new safety protocols and a COVID safety plan in place.


7)  Would you be interested in watching performances outdoors, eg. on the ArtSpring patio, lawn, or parking lot?

64% interested in outdoor events

ArtSpring response: We have been unable to produce outdoor events this season. There has been lots of work to do both in preparing for new season – including outdoor maintenance.


8)  What would influence your decision to attend an event at ArtSpring? 

In order of priority for patrons:

  1.     Physically distanced seating

ArtSpring response: each performance is limited to 50 people, and a new physical distance seating map will be in place.

  1.     Physically distanced entry to theatre

ArtSpring response: lineup outside from back parking lot directly into the theatre. Entry via lobby only for patrons with mobility issues. Each party will have a unique entry point to their seating resulting in no crossover between patrons.

  1.     Increased sanitizing

ArtSpring response: sanitizer at entry points. Increased cleaning protocols before and after each show.

  1.     Mandatory masks

ArtSpring response: masks will be required whilst walking around the building (due to narrow passageways) and while entering and leaving the theatre. Masks may be removed once seated and during the performance.

  1.     Tickets refundable and cancellable

ArtSpring response: a new cancellation and refund policy will be in place.

  1.     Vaccine – n/a
  2.     No intermission

ArtSpring response: Shows will be 1 hour maximum, without intermission.

  1.     Testing/contact tracing

ArtSpring response: we take name and contact for every attendee (in advance when you book).

  1.     Limited concession service

ArtSpring response: there will be no concession at this time.

  1. Temperature checks

ArtSpring response: we will not be doing temperature checks of patrons entering the building


9)  What will be your primary method of purchasing tickets for performances? 

66% online and 18% phone call to buy tickets. 15% in person.

ArtSpring response: we will encourage patrons to purchase tickets online or by phone. Box office hours will be reduced to Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 10am-1pm, to limit exposure for staff, volunteers, and patrons. Outside of these times the box office phone and email are checked daily.


10)  How comfortable do you feel about waiting in a lineup to enter the venue?

44% comfortable/very comfortable. 32% it depends on safety protocols/public health/weather.

ArtSpring response: looking at issuing timed arrival/entry to theatre. We will mark line-up places outside. There is a covered walkway from the lower parking lot.


11)  When we reopen, how likely are you to use the concession or bar services? 

18% likely or somewhat likely to use concession service

ArtSpring response: concession service is eliminated until further notice.


12)  Before our venue reopens would you be interested in watching live streamed performances from ArtSpring?

and 13)  After our venue re-opens would you want to view performances online, eg. a hybrid of limited audience in the theatre plus live streaming.

and 14)  How much would you be willing to pay to access an online performance? 

ArtSpring response: At present we don’t have the technical equipment to give a good experience that patrons would pay for.


15)  There are several ways that patrons like you might support ArtSpring as a result of the health crisis. 

53% likely/somewhat to pay higher ticket prices temporarily

50% likely/somewhat like to make special donation

ArtSpring response: thank you in advance for your support. We’ll be giving further information about pricing when we launch the new season. Our Annual Donor Appeal will be running in October. You can also purchase a Membership to further support ArtSpring.