ArtSpring Newsletter August 31, 2020

Dear Friends,

Is it really the end of August? Where did the summer go!?! It has been a beautiful summer despite the current challenges. Most mornings I’m out deadheading the flowers and it has really made a difference. I love having dahlias and wisteria, here they are almost like weeds, in Ontario they are considered quite exotic!

On Monday, September 14, tickets for the upcoming season will go on sale by phone only (250.537.2102) for past subscribers and members. You’ll be able to call and leave a message with your name and contact information. Please don’t call for tickets before the 14th as we are still ironing out some of the wrinkles. Rest assured that we’ll process purchases in the order they were received on or after the 14th. On Tuesday, September 22, tickets will go on sale for the general public.

Also on Tuesday, September 22, the ArtSpring Box Office will reopen for the first time since March. For health and safety reasons we are limiting the hours to Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday: 10am-1pm. We are encouraging our patrons to purchase their tickets online or by phone.

ArtSpring realizes that the Public Health regulations that limits audience sizes to 50 makes renting the theatre challenging for our community artists. Beginning October 1, ArtSpring is temporarily reducing the theatre rates by 75% for community rental clients to encourage performers to benefit from the use of our venue. These rates are available only to local residents who are on the stage or fundraising for local causes. We can do this thanks to the critical financial support of various government programs and our own donors in these unprecedented times.

To all of you who have renewed or purchased your membership….Thank you!!!.
Get your ArtSpring membership before the end of August and receive 5% off of ArtSpring Presents tickets during the 2020-21 season.

With all best wishes,
Cicela Månsson
Executive & Artistic Director, ArtSpring

ArtSpring Events

The Pandemic Limerick Project

Sponsored by ArtSpring, Salt Spring Public Library and Salt Spring Foundation.
Judges: Diana Hayes, Chris Humphreys, Kathy Page.

The verse that came forth from pandemic
Was split between rude and polemic
The judges were torn
But consensus was born
From a process approaching alchemic.

The judges met by Zoom on August 29th and deliberated on the 78 entries to the Pandemic Limerick Project. A short list was established, based on qualities such as originality, humour, conforming to the true limerick format and overall rhythm. A youth winner was chosen, and three limericks were identified for the short-list for adult entries. Chris Humphreys read out loud the short-listed limericks in true character and voice. It was a close call as all three finalists had strong merit. The decision was then made to select the “draconic…Bubonic” limerick as the winner, with “My cousin in Vesuvius” and “…one Cariboo” as runners up. Congratulations to all limerick poets who submitted work to this worthy cause and entertaining fundraiser.

Congratulations to the two winners!
Each will receive a $50 gift certificate to Salt Spring Books.
Lis Muise
Shawn Yee

Our two runners up will each receive a gift certificate for
an ArtSpring Presents performance:
Rosamund Dupuy
Michael Oliver

Lis Muise – Adult Winner
Corona’s a virus draconic
That brings with it symptoms quite chronic
It’s hard to find bliss
Can’t hug and can’t kiss
But I’m grateful it ain’t the Bubonic


Michael Oliver – Runner up
My cousin who lives in Vesuvius
Made a mask not very salubrious
From her panties so teeny
Not even Houdini
Could wear them and not look lugubrious.

Shawn Yee – Youth Winner
“Retelling of the Pandemic in a Future Book”
The plight of the virus, COVID-19,
Brought on with it quite a deviant scene.
The ozone layer healed,
And wildlife was revealed,
But TP rolls on shelves could not be seen.

Rosamund Dupuy – Runner up
In the North they say “one caribou”
Is the distance between me & you.
On Salt Spring two sheep
Is the distance to keep,
(But Arvid would say that’s taboo).



Buy the book and read all 78 submissions!
Donate to SSI Foundation and get a copy of the book! Book available end of November.

ArtSpring Survey Results

Thank you so much for your feedback in our survey. It really helped us figure out how to reopen. more>

Online Events

Madame Tricot
Swiss psychiatrist Dominique Kaehler Schweizer is also a master knitter. Her alias is Madame Tricot and she uses knitting to heal.

Dogs Sleeping
I am sorry, I know this is supposed to be a high-brow arts newsletter but I laughed so hard at these images I felt I had to share them with you. more>

Pontus Jansson – rock balancer/artist
Thank you to Melodie Herbert for this inspiring video, how impossible it seems to balance stones and yet these works of art emerge.

10 pieces by living Canadian Composers
Great article from CBC on 10 living Canadian composers that you will love. Jocelyn Morlock’s Oiseaux bleus et sauvages begins the list. more>



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