ArtSpring Newsletter June 8, 2020

What have you been up to lately? We asked you to let us know how you’ve been keeping busy and creative. Please keep submissions coming to

Thank you this week to Joy Holland, who says, ” I’ve been following these weekly Collage Jam sessions with Kal Honey. They are very inspiring and creative, and all the women who participate offer a lot during the 1 1/2 hour session Mondays 11:00 to 12:30. Every week there is a theme posted and the class is led by Kal, and his wife reads the comments and questions people write in while we are collaging. At the end you get to post your collage on Facebook, but only for the collage group. The best thing is you can use magazines, flyers, or your used art papers for ripping up and composing. And it’s all FREE.

This Virtual Collage Jam comes via YouTube from their house in Toronto. My friend from Winnipeg has joined in and I get to see what she has created too!
There are always comments about food, travel, gardens, and of course tips on design, use of colour, shapes . . . and it is fun!

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ArtSpring’s Staff Submissions

From Diana – ” My dad, who is, among other things my favourite human, is staying with my partner and me for a while. He isn’t feeling very well. He struggles with anxiety. He doesn’t sleep much and he has lost too much weight. I feel honoured that he has chosen our home to rest, relax, and try to recuperate.

After 5 days here on Salt Spring, he says he feels better than he has in the last 4 months. What a delightful thing to hear; fingers crossed the trend continues.

We’ve been enjoying the peace and quiet, some yard work, a few heartfelt conversations, card games, books, and good food. We explore the island a little bit too – something I don’t do enough of.

My dad is a writer. He has written a few books and a lot of poetry. I thought I’d share one of his creations, since creating is not my forte.

Two Worlds

in my Coast world
oysters on the half shell
freshly shucked from a tidal pool
burble over smoke-hot rocks
of my beach campfire

in my Prairie world
cowboys invite me to a roundup
-we’re short a coupla hands
-wanna help us out fer the day
they save the part about
the burning and the bawling and the blood
the fire
and the tool of a cattleman’s trade
branding iron
dehorning clamps
nuts knife
the frying pan
and a prairie oyster lunch

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