ArtSpring newsletter June 15, 2020

What have you been up to lately? We asked you to let us know how you’ve been keeping busy and creative. Please keep submissions coming

Thank you this week to . . .

Scott Merrick, who says, “I have continued my morning radio show Monday to Friday, doing it all from home. I’ve recorded intros with new lyrics pertaining to the situation. Going for walks nearly every day & posting photos to my Facebook page. And, for fun, have made humorous video clips called “Isolation Activities” and posted them on my Facebook page as well. Lots of cooking, especially with local produce – strawberries & rhubarb! Sadly, the jigsaw puzzle remains neglected.”

Jacky Cooper, who says, “Hi everyone. I’m so lucky to have my horse. I board him in 40 acres, so I’m able to get out and be there everyday – outside in nature, which keeps me grounded. I’m a lucky one.”

Events online

The theatre may be dark but the dancers are finding many ways to share the joy of dance online. Each week they are coming to you LIVE from their homes, teaching ballet and workout classes, hosting Q&A’s, bake-alongs, improvising choreography in their living rooms and more. MORE

Isolation Commissions #68 – Julia Chien

Commissioned by Music on Main. MORE


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