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Thank you for believing in the arts. For giving and volunteering and raising your family with ArtSpring.

This is your ArtSpring: “From hopeless dream to splendid reality.” That was the headline of the Driftwood’s December 2, 1998 editorial, the week ArtSpring first threw its doors open to the Salt Spring community.

From an original design made public in 1989, to an official groundbreaking in September 1991, through years of painstaking fundraising, that joyful day was ten years in the making.

Do you remember when you first stepped through ArtSpring’s doors? The first event you attended? That wonderful feeling of community that might have enveloped you as you took your seat in the audience?

On every step of the way leading to that opening and in the 20 years since, ArtSpring has been a community success story.

The 2018 – 19 operating budget was $573,000. That’s a quarter of what comparable facilities operate on. In 2018, our community came together to raise $150,262 with 608 donations averaging $250, which made it possible for over 30,000 people to attend over 250 events: theatre productions and gallery exhibits by the local community, schools, and visiting artists.

But ArtSpring’s success can’t be measured by numbers alone. Thanks to our generous supporters, ArtSpring provides a nurturing space for Salt Spring artists and performers of all ages and interests. The gallery hosts Salt Spring’s painters, weavers and spinners. The lobby features young island artists. The stage is home to budding young performers from the high school and StageCoach Theatre. Local musicians and choirs enthrall full houses with their performances.

None of this could happen if ArtSpring weren’t, above all else, a building. A building that is now 20 years old.

Those 30,000 people who attended last year’s events? That’s 60,000 feet treading ArtSpring’s carpets. Those 250 events? They demand a lot from our lighting and sound systems. To keep up with that demand, major parts of those systems need to be upgraded.

Your generous donation will help us continue to offer performers and artists from around the world and right next door a world-class facility for another 20 years.

“It’s time to celebrate: the vision of ArtSpring’s founders, the tenacity of its supporters, and the generosity of its benefactors.” Driftwood editorial, 1998

We mean it when we say that there’s no ArtSpring without you.

From all of us at ArtSpring, thank you! If you’d like to speak to someone about giving, we’d love to hear from you.

Cicela Månsson
ArtSpring Executive and Artistic Director