Gallery Lighting Upgrade

An anonymous donor approached ArtSpring in 2014 wishing to support a project to upgrade  the ArtSpring gallery lighting. Finding a gallery lighting design company proved to be a real challenge. But we did it and soon the installation will be complete. As with most large projects there are a host of people to thank.

ArtSpring is grateful to the donors to this project without whom it would never have happened.

Birgit & Robert Bateman
Anonymous (1)
Salt Spring Painters Guild
ArtSpring is so grateful to Phillip Van Horn for consulting on this project.
ArtSpring also wishes to thank the following for their work on this project.
Lighting design by EOS Lightmedia in Vancouver
Metalwork design by Steve Paterson
Metalwork installation by Steve Paterson and Rob Wilson
Electrical installation by Bob Akerman
For those who are particularly interested in the details of the new equipment, Juno tracks and heads, Soraa Par 38 18.5 W 3000K, Brilliant, 9 degree bulbs with various Snap Lenses to create different angles of light beam and allow for down lighting, etc. We hope to have all heads on dimmer switches if we can find compatible dimmers for this hardware.