Farewell George, but Not So Long

George and CarThis Friday marks George Sipos’ last day as ArtSpring Executive Director. It’s been a great seven year run for George at ArtSpring and we’ll miss him dearly.

During his time here, George was a champion for youth and the arts. He spearheaded various youth-related initiatives like maintaining the $5 youth tickets ArtSpring offers.

He also was the visionary behind the ArtSpring Chamber Music Festival, which is now in its 7th year this July.

George grew our dance programming into an ever-more popular yearly series that features some of Canada’s most innovative dance troupes.

His passion for the arts and willingness to try new things – like this year’s 20/20 Vision Art Exhibit – were great gifts he gave to the Salt Spring community.

George has very strong beliefs about the role of the arts in society and he never shied away from holding on to what he held true.

Art is to provoke, to move, to inspire, to evoke. Entertainment is secondary.

Definitely the fodder of many heated and passionate debates around these parts.

And the inspiration for the past seven years.

Thank you George. Farewell, but not so long.


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