Get On Board! Monthly Member Profile: George Ehring

George Ehring

It is not easy to represent a person in four or five sentences, as these short biographies have done, without resorting to what she has done, where he has worked, what Artspring represents to them. And yet, we hope that these short snippets tell ArtSpring patrons a little about the directors who are so passionate about the work of this wonderful institution. George’s biography is no different – all too short, all too superficial, and yet revealing of a person with a passion for the arts and a passion for our community.

George Ehring is perhaps best known for his courses in classical music education, offered first at his house and now at ArtSpring. As his audience will attest, he seeks meaning in and the meanings of music, the context of time and place, the motivations driving composers, their own historical origins. In a sense, then, he addresses each person in his audience as we in a community address each other: who am I? how did I get here? what role do I play? How do I too represent a moment in time, a place in geography, perhaps accidentally here and now, but also driven by choice and volition.

Thank you, George, for bringing the stories of directors to a close for this board; now it’s on to the new members’ narratives. More thoughts, recollections, and stories await.

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