Get On Board! Monthly Member Profile: Kate Merry

Kate Merry

Kate Merry is the President of the ArtSpring board and is an active and enthusiastic participant in all of ArtSpring’s activities. This is her fifth year on the board; her participation is yet another expression of her commitment to non-profit organizations. In the past, Kate has been involved in many of them. She has served on boards and as president of Canadian Parents for French, an advocacy group for the teaching of French in schools. Kate has additionally been involved with Osteoporosis Canada as well as with the 99’s, an organization representing international women pilots.

Yes, Kate has a pilot’s license. She has flown over 200 hours and participated in many of the organization’s conferences, even flying as co-pilot in a Cessna 172 from Toronto to Philadelphia for a meeting.

How fortunate that Kate came to Salt Spring impulsively and immediately bought a property. She is a warm, giving person. Kate sings as an alto with the Salt Spring Singers, which so expresses her enthusiasm for being here as well as her enthusiasm for music and performance. As parent of two children, a grandparent of two children, a singer, an advocate for the arts, and a committed community member, Kate Merry brings joy to this island.

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