From Sputter to Purr

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lawnmowerHere is a quote from next week’s Driftwood article about the 6th Salt Spring Chamber Music Festival (July 22-27):

“The Chamber Music Festival is a bit like a lawnmower,” says ArtSpring Executive Director George Sipos. “After it’s been stored in a shed all winter, you never know in the spring whether it will still run. But a couple of yanks on the chord and away it goes once again, purring beautifully.”

This is a slightly coy way of explaining why we have not till now advertised the Festival, because it was not at all clear that we would have students in residence to make a festival out of the three free-standing concerts previously programmed for the week.

We do in fact now have the participation of a fine young string quartet from Victoria (Ceilidh Briscoe, Blythe Allers, Jordan Vermes and Ethan Allers), and solo violinist Edward Powell. The students will work extensively during the week with our regular faculty (David Visentin, Hiroko Kagawa, Kai Gleurteen, Paula Kiffner and Catherine Ordronneau). They will also join the faculty in the gala concert on Saturday, July 27.

Tickets for all three concerts during the week are available now from the Ticket Centre 537-2102 or

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