Of Oysters and Grapes

Britain’s legendary folk/roots/rock band performs at ArtSpring Thursday Oct 18. They’ve been going for 30 years, with the emphasis on the word “going”. This is a band that constantly evolves instead of standing still playing the same signature music that first made them famous. They started way back as a ceilidh band in Canterbury, went on to explore the traditions of British folk music, became political during the Thatcher years, embraced punk, pop and rock idioms, and along the way made their music unquestionably their own.

In other words, you’ll hear the real thing when you come to their concert.


And when you come, you can also bid on some great art in ArtSpring’s fundraising auction of fine paintings displayed over the next few months in the lobby. It starts this month with an offering of Florence Roberge’s lovely painting of arty fruit of which you see a detail here.

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