ArtSpring Treasure Fair

What is Treasure Fair?

ArtSpring could not be in operation without the support of our community and Treasure Fair is no exception. Ticket sales and theatre rentals amount to only 42% of ArtSpring’s operating budget. Treasure Fair is the major annual fundraiser that contributes to half of our fundraising efforts.

Treasure Fair is a phenomenal event that is organized almost exclusively by volunteers. We have great fun meeting new donors, connecting with past donors and talking to business owners who donate items, skills, and experiences that we then auction off at a gala auction weekend.

People have started gathering. We have consumed coffee, munched on cookies and our heads are coming together in delightful and passionate discussion as we start preparing for the 15th Annual ArtSpring Treasure Fair.

And, we would love your help.

If you have a business and you want to give back to the community by donating an item or service while also getting some well-deserved publicity, please contact Christie at 250-516-5622 or at

If you are downsizing or simply find that you have outgrown one or two treasures, please consider donating them to Treasure Fair.

Treasure Fair


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