Holding On

On April 15, 2014, in News, by ArtSpring

Min and Sheila 1Minnie Thom and Sheila MacLachlan walk down the ArtSpring theatre steps using our new handrails. Thanks to the generosity of the Salt Spring Island Foundation and an anonymous donor, patrons like Minnie and Sheila can now navigate our theatre with more ease.


Not lampshades but halos

On March 19, 2014, in News, by George Sipos

Piano Pinnacle

Congratulations to Vancouver’s Piano Pinnacle on winning first prize at the US International Duo Piano Competition in January.

ArtSpring audiences will remember Iman Habibi and Deborah Grimmett from their concert here in January 2013 with cellist Rylan Gajek. And those with even longer memories will recall both Iman and Deborah as participants in ArtSpring’s first (and only) piano festival in early 2007 when they were still both music students at UBC.

This coming August Iman, who is a composer as well as pianist, will be in residence at ArtSpring with Victoria’s Emily Carr String Quartet working on the creation of a new composition. There will likely be an opportunity for you to hear work in progress toward the end of the residency – always an exciting experience.


Art is where you find it.

On February 26, 2014, in News, by George Sipos

crashed car 2Check out this example of installation art that appeared overnight outside ArtSpring. You will agree it makes a statement about the contemporary Zeitgeist, no?


Snowfall in Georgia

On February 6, 2014, in News, by George Sipos

Wouldn’t you know it? Put on a play set in the Southern state of Georgia and there’s snow in the forecast for Salt Spring. Patrons who have purchased tickets for Driving Miss Daisy probably want to know what the plan is in case we get a dump of snow on Sunday or Monday.

The two performances of the play will go on regardless, so do your best to come. If nevertheless you’re stuck in your driveway on Monday, come along on Tuesday with your Monday tickets and we’ll do our best to get you in to the second performance. (Right now we have sold more tickets for Monday than for Tuesday, so this emergency option hopefully will work OK.)

Meanwhile, think of magnolia blossoms and hot Southern evenings, and maybe we can keep the snow away.


Taking Time

On January 28, 2014, in News, by George Sipos

mftt_fdl_1Canadian pianist Eve Egoyan’s husband, David Rokeby, is one of Canada’s most innovative video artists. The two have recently collaborated on an extraordinary project which ArtSpring is privileged to present on Saturday, February 22.

Over the course of a year, Rokeby recorded 750,000 images of Montreal cityscapes, the camera moving slowly day by day capturing light and weather amid buildings and trees. From these images he has edited a work called Machine for Taking Time, a meditation on the nature of time. We see snow turn to leaves, leaves turn to light, light turn to shadow on rooftops and walls. This prolonged meditation is accompanied by Egoyan’s performance of an equally contemplative work for solo piano, Simple Lines of Enquiry, composed by the late Ann Southam.

The whole performance is extraordinary – an hour-long journey into the heart of stillness and movement, of time and its simultaneous evanescence and fixity.

Why should you come to see/hear the work performed live?

a) Because it is unlike anything you have ever experienced. It will be stunning on ArtSpring’s big screen.
b) Because it brings together two of Canada’s most extraordinary artists in work beyond the boundaries of the ordinary.
c) Because it will be a wonderful companion piece to Eve’s more conventional piano recital the previous evening.

If you attend Eve’s Friday, February 21 recital, we invite you to Machine for Taking Time/Simple Lines of Enquiry for free. Just bring along your ticket stub from the recital.

Tickets for only Saturday evening are available for $15 for adults and $5 for youth from the ArtSpring Ticket Centre 537-2012 or online.

Here is a short excerpt from David’s Machine for Taking Time video:



On January 22, 2014, in News, by George Sipos

sb5170e335e9dd0To entertain. To explore. To inform.

These have always been the pillars on which live theatre is built.

On Wednesday, February 18 ArtSpring brings a highly praised one-woman play to Salt Spring in which actress Emmilia Gordon presents a powerful drama about drink spiking and drug facilitated sexual assault.

If that sounds heavy duty, well, it is and it isn’t. The subject is serious and sobering, but the dramatic realization is dynamic, engaging, and, if it doesn’t sound too odd to say it, irresistibly entertaining. Come see the show to become informed, but come to see it also for the sheer vigour and brilliance of its acting.

Dissolve, written by Vancouver playwright Meghan Gardiner and directed by Renee Iaci (whom you may remember playing one of the two leads in Summer of My Amazing Luck presented at ArtSpring two years ago), will be performed twice on February 18 – in the morning for students from GISS, and at 7:30 at ArtSpring for the general public (with parents especially invitied). A post-show discussion facilitated by public health nurse Trinda Gajek will follow each performance.

Tickets for the evening show, at $15 for adults and $5 for youth (the play is recommended for youth over 16), are available online or from the ArtSpring Ticket Centre – 537-2102

Here is a short trailer to give you an idea of what the play is like:


Get On Board! Monthly Member Profile: Derek Capitaine

On January 15, 2014, in News, by ArtSpring

Unknown-7Derek Capitaine has a strong background in theatre. This brings him to his position on the ArtSpring board and is particularly relevant to his work as chair of the Building Committee. By being familiar with the building process, he contributes to ArtSpring’s perpetual improvement.

After completing his BFA at the University of Victoria, he went to the Banff School as an apprentice. There, he honed his skills in set and scenic construction with mentors who came to the Banff Centre themselves to further their talents during the summer when they were not working in their own theatres. Derek took that experience to a number of theatres in Canada including the Globe Theatre in Regina, Alberta Theatre Projects in Calgary, and the Belfry Theatre in Victoria.

Derek left theatre work in 1997 and moved on to work at Canada Post in Information Technology, arriving in Salt Spring in 2005 and entering the publishing field then.  He brings his diverse talents, his background, and his steady presence to the board.


The lean and slipper’d pantaloon

On December 19, 2013, in News, by George Sipos

George & celloIt is fairly common knowledge around Salt Spring that I will be retiring as Executive/Artistic Director of ArtSpring in summer 2014. Adieu Prospero’s wand and cloak. Hello Canada Pension.

The Island Arts Centre Society has just launched its search for my successor. The job vacancy is posted on the ArtSpring website.

Applications will be accepted by the Search Committee till February 1, 2014. I should point out that I myself will play no role in the selection of my successor, so all inquiries and correspondence about the position should be addressed to the Committee as indicated in the notice of job vacancy.


Get On Board! Monthly Member Profile: George Ehring

On November 25, 2013, in News, by ArtSpring

George Ehring

It is not easy to represent a person in four or five sentences, as these short biographies have done, without resorting to what she has done, where he has worked, what Artspring represents to them. And yet, we hope that these short snippets tell ArtSpring patrons a little about the directors who are so passionate about the work of this wonderful institution. George’s biography is no different – all too short, all too superficial, and yet revealing of a person with a passion for the arts and a passion for our community.

George Ehring is perhaps best known for his courses in classical music education, offered first at his house and now at ArtSpring. As his audience will attest, he seeks meaning in and the meanings of music, the context of time and place, the motivations driving composers, their own historical origins. In a sense, then, he addresses each person in his audience as we in a community address each other: who am I? how did I get here? what role do I play? How do I too represent a moment in time, a place in geography, perhaps accidentally here and now, but also driven by choice and volition.

Thank you, George, for bringing the stories of directors to a close for this board; now it’s on to the new members’ narratives. More thoughts, recollections, and stories await.


Speaking with Raphael Wallfisch

On November 20, 2013, in News, by George Sipos

Raphael WallfischTo get a sense of who British cellist Raphael Wallfisch is, ahead of his ArtSpring concert on Tuesday, December 3, click this link to a fascinating interview recently published in the newsletter of the Internet Cello Society.

The second half of the article gets a bit technical, but the first half gives a glimpse not only of a fascinating musician but also of a most interesting and humane individual.

If the article piques your interest, be sure to come hear him play (with Canadian pianist Rena Sharon). The repertoire will be Stravinsky’s Suite Italienne, cello sonatas by Debussy and Brahms, and Bach’s No. 3 Suite. Tickets are available from our Box Office 537-2125 or online.