ArtSpring is made possible thanks to the generous support of many individuals and organizations. Two major fundraisers are held every year – the ArtSpring Treasure Fair in July and the Annual Appeal, which is launched every Fall.

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We gratefully acknowledge ArtSpring’s 2017-18 supporters

Distinguished Benefactor – $10,000-$50,000
Country Grocer, Joan Farlinger, the Estate of Gladys Page.
Benefactor – $5,000-$9,999
Alan & Mary Coombes, Lyle & Susan Eide, Harold & Gladys Page, Anonymous (1). 
Patron – $2,500-$4,999
Kate Merry, Mouat’s Clothing Co., Victoria & Alex Olchowecki, Michael Pidgeon, Mark & Debbi Toole, Anonymous (1). 
Enthusiast – $1,000-$2,499
Susan B. Bloom, Joan Dickenson, Sharon Farquharson, Helen Hinchliff, Sandra & Don Hodgins, John Moore, Claire 
Pickering, The Quercus Foundation, Salt Spring Coffee, Ann & John Stewart, Susan & Wieland Wettstein, Audrey & Robert Wild, Anonymous (3). 
Supporter – $250-$999
Nighean Anderson, Karen Arney, Peter & Judith Beaglehole, Joan & Larry Blackman, Carol Ann Brown, Andrew Clement & Lucy Suchman, Ted & Loretta Dodds, Carole Eyles, Delaine Faulkner & Gary Kahne, Robin Ferry & Michael Butler, Judi Francis, Niels & Nixe Gerbitz, Brian Gilliam & Jill Collingwood, Hugh & Sylvia Greenwood, Lisa Halstead, Doug & Wendy Herbert, Lorrie & Regan Hunt, Christine Hunter, Robert Keates, Mary Laucks & Brian Swanson, Margaret & Ron MacKenzie, Alison & Paul McManus, Judy Norget & Charles Kahn, Wilfried & Wiebke Ortlepp, Doug Paterson, EM Pierce, Nancy & Fred Powell, Salt Spring Painters Guild, Stanley J. Shapiro, Joyce & Peter Sharpe, Elly Silverman, Walter Stewart & Ron Dyck, Barbara & John Taylor, Terry Wilkinson, Anonymous (5). 
Friend – $150-$249
Jennifer & Derek Barrio, Paul & Elizabeth Beckmann, Richard Fraser & Sarah Morgan-Silvester, Ken & Marian 
Hargrove, Henry Hawthorn & Jane Durante, Wendy & Ashley Hilliard, Connie Holmes, Janelle Holmes, Ken & Luanne Katz, Walton W. Langford, Sylvia J. Ommanney, Premilla Pillay, John & Joyce Prothero, Paulette Reid, Susan & Denis Russell, Lorna Skawski & Ernst Kucklich, Tom & Margaret Taylor, Jeremy & Jane Winter, Anonymous (4). 
Donor – up to $149
Bryan & Lucile Adderley, Sam & Wendy Anderson, Beth Appeldoorn, F. E. (Betty) Ball, K & S Banton, Wim Blom, Esta 
Bolliger, Larry Bongie, Bubba Campbell, Roland Cook, Barry & Sharon Cooke, Susan Evans & Ted Harrison, Alexandra Fischer, Jean Gelwicks & Peter Lamb, L. Gilkeson, Vincent, Colin & Brenda Halliwell, Ingeburg Helm, Sheila & Ernst Hoen, Nancy Holcroft, Johanna Hoskins, Mary & Alan Hughes, Lis Ker, Paula Kiffner, Ann King, Ingrid Korner, Fred & Karen Martin, M.E. McDowell, Verity & Bob McKenzie, Jeremy Milsom, Salt Spring Inn, Doug & Diana Mitchell, Fred & Ann Notehelfer, Illtyd & Joanne Perkins, Alan & Rita Robertson, Earl Rook & Jane Armstrong, Susie & Rob Ruttan, E & I Saczuk, Clark 
Saunders, Laura Scott, Robbyn Scott, Karen Selk & Terry Nelson, Hamish & Tricia Simpson, Victoria Skinner & Dennis Fortin, Barry & Sheila Spence, Katherine L. Storr, Drew Stotesbury, Mary Toynbee, Bob B. Weeden, Gisela Welsh, Simon & Janet Wheeler, Elizabeth A. White, Bob & Connie Wray, April Wright, Anonymous (22).
Corporate Sponsorship
Country Grocer, Mouat’s Dockside Shopping, Salt Spring Coffee Company, Salt Spring Vineyards, SEI Industries.
Government & Foundation Support
BC Arts Council, BC Touring Council, Capital Regional District, Department of Canadian Heritage, Made in BC Dance on Tour, Province of British Columbia, Salt Spring Island Foundation.


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