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Treasure Fair July 13 – 15th 2017
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Imagine a world without originality. A world where we live in sameness everyday and never see or hear acts of genius and spirit, or angels and reincarnations of great ones – art does much more than entertain. It fosters imagination, sparks joy and curiosity – a world with art is filled with colour, life, unique expressions; music, craft, theatre have been described as the soul’s pulse.

ArtSpring Community Arts Centre is Salt Spring Island’s “soul” for arts and culture, and we need your help.

Welcome to ArtSpring’s 17th annual fundraiser, Treasure Fair: a 3-day extraordinary event featuring an auction of some of the finest finds our team of over 160 volunteers have collected – we have tours, trips, handcrafted works, collectibles, like-new home items, décor and furniture, prized possessions ready for another to cherish, B&B stays, massage, cooking lessons, tree pruning, dance classes, and more.

A 3-day extravaganza of SILENT AUCTION action culminating in the

Thursday, July 13 Silent Auction 10:00 – 7:30pm

Friday, July 14 Silent Auction 10:00 – 7:30pm

Saturday, July 15 Silent Auction 10:00 – ’til 1st closing 6:30pm; 2nd closing 8:30pm

LIVE AUCTION  7:00 – 8:00pm

The wine bar and nibbles will start at 5:30 for your added pleasure.  Please plan to arrive early in order to plot your bidding carefully!

Each year, Treasure Fair closes with a big bang and this year we’ve really loaded the barrel: Announcing famed C.C Humphreys will be MC for the Live Auction on July 15th. (costume included, of course)

Chris (C.C.) Humphreys was born in Toronto and grew up in the UK. All four grandparents were actors and since his father was an actor as well, it was inevitable he would follow the bloodline. He has acted all over the world and appeared on stages ranging from London’s West End to Hollywood’s Twentieth Century Fox. Favourite roles have included Hamlet, Caleb the Gladiator in NBC’s Biblical-Roman epic mini-series, ‘AD – Anno Domini’, Clive Parnell in ‘Coronation Street’, and Jack Absolute in Sheridan’s ‘The Rivals’.



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