Lobby Art Auction

Five wonderful pieces of art will be sold through a sealed bid auction in the ArtSpring lobby, one piece at a time from September 2015 until May 2016.

View all of the items online in the brochure.

Currently Available (Sept. 20 – Oct. 31):

Mystique of the LonelyEdward Michell, framed
(Value: $4,000; Minimum Bid: $500)

mystique of the lonely_artwork imageEDWARD MICHELL paints with the “guts” of the land. This resourceful international artist incorporates oil sands, gold and silver leaf, crushed diamonds and handmade paints into his palette. Red – derived from raspberries and beets, Green – extracted from grass and leaves, and Blue – from blueberries. His unprecedented
composition of these elements results in truly stunning works of art.

How the Lobby Art Auction works:

  • The art on display will be sold to the highest bidder.
  • Fill out the bid slip in the lobby near the Ticket Centre and place it in the secure box near the art.
  • Take note of the auction closing date on the sign attached to the display.
  • Your bid is an agreement to purchase the art at the amount of your bid (plus shipping, if applicable).
  • If you are the highest bidder, we will contact you to arrange payment.
  • Should ArtSpring be unable to reach the highest bidder after a week, we will accept the second highest bid.

Please note: each piece will have a reserve bid.


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