Recognizing volunteers’ important contribution to ArtSpring, the Island Arts Centre Society Board of Directors adopted ArtSpring’s Code of Volunteer Involvement in 2001.

ArtSpring Code for Volunteer Involvement

The Island Arts Centre Society Board of Directors and staff:

* Gratefully acknowledge and support the vital role volunteers play in ArtSpring’s ability to deliver its services to the community;

* Recognize that volunteers are a vital human resource, providing a passion for the cause, a commitment to the purpose, and are motivated by their choice of involvement;

* Recognize that each individual contributes to the organization, thereby achieving its purpose and mission.

* Volunteer involvement increases ArtSpring’s ability to successfully accomplish its goals and services.

* Volunteers will receive an introduction and appropriate orientation to ArtSpring, and receive training for their involvement.

* Volunteer positions will address ArtSpring’s mandates and will involve volunteers in a meaningful way.

* ArtSpring will provide a safe and supportive environment for effective volunteer involvement

* As an integral member of ArtSpring’s human resources, input is welcomed as volunteers provide a valuable perspective that needs to be considered during ArtSpring’s planning and development.

* Volunteers promote change and development by identifying and responding to community needs. In turn, volunteers are provided with opportunities to develop and contribute.

* As representatives of ArtSpring and as part of the team responsible for delivering its services, volunteers are expected to act with integrity and be respectful and responsive to others with whom they interact.

If you aren’t already a part of ArtSpring’s team, find out how you can help.


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