Welcome to ArtSpring – Salt Spring Island’s Art Centre

ArtSpring Events Calendar

All current ArtSpring Presents and rental event details can be found on our events calendar.


About ArtSpring

ArtSpring is an 11,800 square-foot, two-level heavy timber structure boasting a 5,200-square-foot exhibition/ multi- purpose area and a 6,600-square-foot, 265-seat theatre. ArtSpring’s activities include rentals by the local arts community and events presented by ArtSpring which are chosen to compliment, enhance and diversify local programming.


Donate to ArtSpring

We invite you to join ArtSpring’s growing number of supporters, patrons and champions by donating today. Donations are an important part of keeping our building open for visual and performing arts events alike. Every dollar you give us makes a big difference in what we can offer our community.



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